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Remotely hosted affiliate program software
Don't buy - have it hosted!

Can't afford to buy our software, don't have CGI support on server or just want to try it first before purchasing? For a small monthly fee we will host our software for you on our servers so you can use it without actually buying it (paying the whole price)!

Software YOURcom™ YOURaff™
Full control over software yes yes
Hosted on top quality servers yes yes
Free support yes yes
Monthly fee (US $) 10.00 20.00
One time setup fee (US $) 10.00 10.00

Fees are charged monthly or yearly. If paid yearly you are rewarded with FREE setup (no setup fee) and two FREE months (you pay only 10 months of hosting)!

All scripts are hosted on our servers. You can access/use the software via user URL ( and have full control over it but you DO NOT receive a copy of the program nor do you own it! If you want a copy of the software you have to purchase it. You may use it on your site as long as you pay the monthly fee. We will provide you all information you need and offer free support. You may stop using our software at any time after notifying us.

We manually check and approve applications. In general we host our software for any family-friendly web site that applies but reserve the right to refuse those that we think are not eligible without any explanations made. We also reserve the right to stop hosting our software for any web site without any explanation.

If you decide to purchase our software in the future and have it hosted on your server we will send you your entire database and won't lose any affiliates!

NO SPAM policy

YOURsoft has a zero-SPAM policy. We do not endorse or allow SPAM in any form. We require all remotely hosted clients to have an anti-SPAM policy on their affiliate signup page! We reserve the right to suspend your account if one of your affiliates sends out SPAM with your affiliate links, so please try to prevent SPAM by all means possible. Thank you for your kind co-operation!


Applying for: YOURcom™ ($10 setup + $10 per month)
YOURaff™ ($10 setup + $20 per month)
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