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YOURsoft affiliate tracking software - affordable affiliate program software

YOURsoft affiliate tracking software will help you start your own affiliate program the easiest way possible for the lowest prices imaginable! Affiliate programs are the most efficient way of promoting your website because you only pay for results! A small initial investment in affiliate tracking software will help you make your web sites more profitable.

But not only affiliate software, we have specialized in developing Internet solutions for everyone! From simple pre-made scripts to the most advanced custom programming projects, for large and tight budgets, YOURsoft is here to help you!

Affiliate program software:

  • YOURcom™
    A commission based affiliate software. Give your affiliates a commission for every sale they generate. Includes PayPal support and Search Engine friendly links! More info >>

  • YOURaff™
    Advanced affiliate program software with a MySQL database and many advanced features for the most demanding customers! More info >>

Other software:

  • PayPal MAF (Multiple Additional Fields)
    ... enables you to gather additional information from your PayPal customers at the time of purchase. More info >>

We have prepared FREE marketing tips to help you successfully skyrocket your business! If you are not quite sure how can an affiliate program benefit you read Six key benefits of starting your affiliate program, 21 *MUST* marketing techniques will help you improve you web site's performance ( = SELL your products!), how to Recruit affiliates for your new affiliate program and finally learn how help desk software can increase your earnings.

If you can't afford to (or for any reason don't want to) purchase our software have it remotely hosted only for a small monthly fee! More info >>

Can't get those CGI scripts you downloaded working on your server? Need a custom programming job done? YOURsoft provides you with these services at the lowest prices possible! More info >>

Sell affiliate software - join our affiliate program and earn cash for every customer you send our way. We have very high traffic to customer conversion rates! More info >>



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