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PayPal MAF (Multiple Additional Fields)
Collect additional information from your PayPal customers

PayPal MAF (Multiple Additional Fields) is a set of Perl (CGI) scripts which allows you to gather additional information from your customers who purchase your items/services through PayPal at the time of purchase. It enables you to add multiple optional or required fields to your PayPal HTML code and sends you this additional information to your e-mail address.

If you use PayPal to process your sales and need extra information from your customers, then PayPal MAF is what you need.

All you have to do is install PayPal MAF on your server, edit your PayPal HTML code following instructions in the readme file (included in download file) and this is it - your customers will have to fill in any required fields you set or decide whether to fill in any optional fields you set. Scripts in PayPal MAF will process the HTML code, gather information from the additional fields and e-mail you that information once the sale is made.

Due to the way PayPal processes forms MAF has these limitations:

- you can't use the optional "custom" PayPal field as this field is used by MAF to pass the data through the system. MAF will clear any values that this field is set to!

- there is a limit of 256 characters that can be passed through the custom field (used by MAF). This number includes optional field names, values and some extra characters (2 extra characters for every additional field processed by MAF).

Example: If you set 10 additional fields each named with 4 characters (like "Name", "SSN1", "opt1" etc.) customers will be able to enter 196 characters of information into all of them together (10 fields with 4 chars long names makes 40 plus each field will use 2 extra chars (20 together), 40+20 = 60. 256 (the limit) - 60 = 196 (free space)). It is actually much more simple then it sounds.

To see PayPal MAF in action try the forms below (enter additional information and click the Buy Now button). These forms are here as a demo! If you purchase the "test item" YOURsoft will not refund your money (US $1.00)!

Single item purchase demo

Your SSN*:
Your birth date:
Your Age*:
Your mother's name:

* = required fields

Shopping cart purchase demo

Your SSN*:
Your birth date:
Your Age*:
Your mother's name:

* = required fields

Paypal MAF installation requires:

  • a UNIX based server
  • CGI (Perl 5) support
  • FTP access and a FTP program
  • A Premier or Business PayPal account. (More info)
  • Basic HTML knowledge so you can edit PayPal buttons HTML codes

Buy PayPal MAF 1.0 NOW for $15

Purchase includes FREE installation support (not editing your PayPal button HTML codes)!

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